The team at Medical Life Care Planning provides litigation support through:

» Life care plans
» Life care plan reviews or rebuttals
» Recommendations for other needed medically-related experts
» Deposition and trial testimony

Once we are retained, one of our physicians is assigned to your case based on factors such as age of individual, diagnosis, timeline, and parties in the case. We then review available medical records and pertinent legal documents. The physician performs an Independent Medical Evaluation and interviews family members involved in the individual's care. If available and necessary, treating physicians are consulted. The life care plan is then formulated. We are also available to evaluate an existing life care plan.

Projected areas outlined in our life care plans may include:

» Medical care
» Therapeutic evaluations & interventions
» Medications
» Equipment & supplies
» Orthotics & prosthetics
» Wheelchair needs
» Attendant & facility care
» Architectural renovations
» Transportation needs
» Case management
» Counseling
» Vocational needs

We primarily develop life care plans for individuals with:

» Amputations
» Birth injuries
» Brachial plexus injuries
» Burns 
» Chronic pain
» Neurological / brain injuries
» Orthopedic injuries
» Spinal cord injuries
» Toxic exposure
» Visual disorders